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For more than 70 years Tredo has been one of Swedens biggest sales partners for grocery brands wishing to enter swedish retailers. Lately they have been incorporating new digital tools for a smoother sales process and are hoping to do the same with a modernized website.

Core challenges of the brief:

  1. Establish a new flexible visual identity
  2. Elaborately describe Tredos long history
  3. Create a login for managers and the sales force
  4. Create a stand-alone news page (currently tied to Mynewsdesk)

It can be challenging for a service provider within intellectual property to effectively showcase to clients what’s on offer due to complex workings. The client wanted to improve on this with a modernized and restructured website. An important part of the project was to find a visual style that builds on the heritage of the firm while also being flexible enough to work for internal marketing, print and other formats.

UX Design
UI Design
Brand identity design
Design Systems
January 2022


Hard to identify the right service

Users that are discovering and hoping to acquire a clearer view of what they need are very likely to become overwhelmed by the amount of services. In addition to this it’s not very easy to people outside of the IP (intellectual property) industry to understand from each service name what it actually means. It is likely that the context of each service plays a very important part - in other words each service needs to be recommended in light of some other clarifying information that are more familar to visitors.

The “Return-on-Innovation” concept is underutilized

“Return-on-Innovation” is a termed coined by Bergenstråhle & Partners. It essentially says what they deliver for their clients. With it comes a ladder of 11 steps, each one representing a state from which they help the client progress towards a strong return on innovation. Clients can even perform a test in which they can see at what level they currently benefit from. With such strong potential of explaining an otherwise intangible offering, it makes sense to make the “Return-on-Innovation” concept more prominent on the website.

Content and contact plays a large role in the IP space

Since it’s challenging to describe briefly what IP service can do for your business, it makes sense to put more emphasize on contents such as cases and blog posts. Bergenstråhle & Partners has a large content library and thus it provides an opportunity to help visitors understand what the services can do for them and to become more familiar with what’s on offer. Lastly, the ease of coming in contact is a very important aspect as it allows the client to explain to it’s visitors in a pedagogical way what they can do for them.


Contextual services

By presenting services based on different service areas it was made simpler for users to identify what services they might need. Further, the “Return-on-Innovation” ladder was further conceptualized to showcases services for each step of the ladder. This provides a much higher contextual relevancy of services and makes it more tangible and pedagogical.

“Return-on-Innovation” as the foundational concept

The concept “Return-on-Innovation” was selected as the most important user interaction point as this is were users are most likely to get a better understanding of IP services. This meant that a new page was crated entirely dedicated to explaining the concept and the so called “ROI-test” was made more visible. The “ROI-test” is a quick way for users to identify on which level of the “Return-on-Innovation” ladder they are and what potential gains they can hope for.

Redesigned content pages and contact opportunities

All content pages for the blog and cases were redesigned and moved closer withing reach of the websites hierarchical structure. This means it’s now easier for visitors to read in-depth information that can help them understand the IP area a little better. In order to encourage contact with staff at Bergenstråhle & Partners, a strategy was implemented to add quotes of staff members on each service page. This makes the complex topic of IP more personal with the purpose of encouraging contact.


Flexible design system

When creating a visual language for the online space it was important to build from the current brand identity and the content strategy. However there was also a lot of room for new aspects as the visual language had to be very dynamic to work for many different pages and resolutions. The result was a design concept built around the idea of “hard meeting soft” (again linking to the USP of being able to deliver both aesthetical designs and practical implementation). Visually this meant lots of imagery (hard) overlapping soft backgrounds on a flexible 12 column grid.

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