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For more than 70 years Tredo has been one of Swedens biggest sales partners for grocery brands wishing to enter swedish retailers. Lately they have been incorporating new digital tools for a smoother sales process and are hoping to do the same with a modernized website.

Core challenges of the brief:

  1. Establish a new flexible visual identity
  2. Elaborately describe Tredos long history
  3. Create a login for managers and the sales force
  4. Create a stand-alone news page (currently tied to Mynewsdesk)

As a growing company offering interior design services it has becomes challenging for AT Styling how to package their expertise in a clear, understandable and visually pleasing manner on the web. The following services were in need of organization: Interior design solutions, Interior design levels, Interior design styles and other related work such as cleaning and carpentry.

UX Design
UI Design
Design Systems
July 2022


Most clients don’t grasp the work behind

When talking to their clients there is little understanding of the different stages of work needed to complete an interior design project. This could for example be things like the operational aspect of storing / buying furniture that needs to be moved to a property. It could also be the importance of planning a big project or the need to use custom carpentry to get certain interior design features in place.

Unclear for visitors which package to choose

The different levels of work that can be performed - either small/medium/large - have been slightly confusing to potential clients. The main cause identified was that most client groups don’t put a value on grading solutions by size/extent, but rather on getting excellent service from a talented and perceptive design team. Only the client group of real estate agents sees the benefit of selecting a package. Further it hasn’t been very well explained what each package entails.

AT Styling hasn’t really expressed any USP in the past

Despite being very knowledgeable with several unique aspects to their offering, it hasn’t been clearly explained what value proposition AT Styling can offer their clients. Currently the offer is simply “Interior design” and little emphasize is given to full offering that clients can benefit from as well as highly developed operational structures.


Clear hierarchical structure

By guiding website visitors through a set of steps there’s a possibility to make sure they engage with all key parts of the interior design process. This is likely to lead to several benefits. Firstly, it will increase their understanding of what it takes to produce a great design. Secondly, the unique ways of working and the skill of AT Styling will come across more effectively.

Separate treatment of target groups

By clearly stating the different interior design solutions for different client groups from the start, there’s a chance to show adapated contents to each customer group. More specifically, real estate agents will have the ability to select between packages depending on their needs and timeline, while all other client groups such as builders, architects etc. are able to read more in-depth about methods of the interior design team.

New content

In order to highligt the unique abiity of AT Styling to provide a full service interior design soution, several sections has been added throughout the site that mention complementary servcies such as carpentry and cleaning. A new category page has also been added called “Complementary services” to enable visitors to read more about this already from the navigation menu. Technical introductions such as a simple booking systems has also been introduced where visitors can book a free consultancy session - a great way for AT Styling to show what they can do.


Flexible design system

When creating a visual language for the online space it was important to build from the current brand identity and the content strategy. However there was also a lot of room for new aspects as the visual language had to be very dynamic to work for many different pages and resolutions. The result was a design concept built around the idea of “hard meeting soft” (again linking to the USP of being able to deliver both aesthetical designs and practical implementation). Visuallly this meant lots of imagery (hard) overlapping soft backgrounds on a flexible 12 column grid.


Webflow for easy client management

The website was built in Webflow for the reason that it’s slightly easier to make initial designs a reality on the live website. Not the least animations, which rather easily can be manipulated in the required way. This was important as the visual experience is key. Further a set of CMS lists were created for projects, staff, news and also the home page in order to allow for maximal customization. Another very big advantage of Webflow is the ability to offer clients easy day-to-day administration tools that allow them to maintain the website themselves - and important ability as JKAB Arkitekter often uploads new cases and news.

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