This is us

We design digital products and marketing assets for organisations in need of a smooth and unique user experience as well as an accurate visual representation in various formats. Our process is highly adaptable and our skillset wide within product design, marketing design and digital strategy. The aim of all our projects is to realize your vision and potential in the digital space. We do most of this work internally but occassionally also utilize other designers, developers and digital strategists within our network.

Simon Olsson

Founder, Art Director & UX/UI Designer

During the last 6 years I have been working with start-ups, including my own, and medium sized businesses to develop digital products. Throughout this time I have moved from roles involving business and marketing to roles focusing on design. With knowledge in both business/marketing and design I’m able to question a designs commerciality and ability to meet business objectives. The work to find such a sweet-spot has grown into my professional pursuit.

William Olsson

Junior Brand- & UX/UI Designer

My knowledge within design is broad and ranging from sound & video design to digital design. The last couple of years my time has been spent on developing commercials for large companies in different sectors. Simultaneously I have been growing my personal interest in UX/UI design. Working with both moving and still media and their interrelationship in the digital space has turned into my passion.

How we work

It’s all about you

There are two things that we are interested in when talking to you. The first one is what problem you are experiencing. This is a strong starting point for a design solution as it allows further investigations among your users, digital strategy etc. and will also allow work towards a goal that easily can be measured. The second interested of ours is what you, your colleagues and business are thinking as a collective. From this understanding we can identify a culture and movement, which has a high potential of being transformed into a visual strategy.

We design what’s just right

Our design deliverables are not outstanding and beautiful, they are just right. Your organization is a living thing with needs and it’s our job to identify what design solution or looks works for your particular situation. This way there is an objectivity all along the way. By keeping this mindset there’s less risk that your final design falls victim to prestige or short-sighted design trends and ultimately contributes more effectively to you organisation.

Customized development process

When the picture of your situation is clear for us and yourself it is mutually decided (based on our recommendation) what set tools and methods should be used to complete the project successfully. A few example of this is can be what research methods to use, wether to utilize prototyping or not and to what extend user testing needs to be implemented. In other words the process is customized according to your specific situation. We can also offer development and SEO services if that fits with your needs.

We take the role of a partner

Each project, no matter how small or big, requires a full understand of your situation. We commit to get involved from the start to the finish and always work towards the best end results. When you work with us you can expect flexibility and understanding, without it there are no great end results in our view. As each project progresses we want you to discover more possibilities and opportunities in order to be able to constantly improve and grow. For us we therefore always head into each project for the long-term.

Why we exist

Realizing your ambitions

Our passion is to develop user friendly products that fits with your business objectives. Finding that sweetspot is a challenge that drives us forward and ultimately to delivery you a product that you can be proud to show your customers as a true reflection of your organisations mind-set and brand. We work to become your safe longterm partner that helps you to realize your ambitions in the digital space.

Working for better lifestyles

The digital space is constantly growing and will continue to take up more time and involvement from each individual. We see this as an opportunity to contribute with our skills and knowledge in a responsible and sustainable way. Meaning that we work to push the ratio “time/benefit” of digital solutions with the ambition to maximize benefit and minimize time spent in digital environments. We believe this will lead to a smoother and most importantly a healthier lifestyle for people.