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For more than 70 years Tredo has been one of Swedens biggest sales partners for grocery brands wishing to enter swedish retailers. Lately they have been incorporating new digital tools for a smoother sales process and are hoping to do the same with a modernized website.

Core challenges of the brief:

  1. Establish a new flexible visual identity
  2. Elaborately describe Tredos long history
  3. Create a login for managers and the sales force
  4. Create a stand-alone news page (currently tied to Mynewsdesk)

Rölla is a growing regional reseller of compact tractors and accessories. Their target market is farmers, municipal organisations and other businesses with large properties and grounds in need of heavier maintenance. In a combined branding and website project they wished to be able to showcase the tractors they are selling as well as complementary tools in a manner that resembles the visual language of the industry.

UX Design
UI Design
Brand identity design
April 2022


Present products in store

It’s important for prospective clients to be able to test and view heavy machines in real life before making the decision to buy. Therefore it’s key to display individual products in store on the website in an efficient way. This can encourage visitors to make an actual visit to the Rölla store.

Elaborately display tractor models

Tractors are underwhelmingly displayed on most resellers websites. The common idea is to redirect visitors to partner websites for information and proper experience of machines. As compact tractors target slighty smaller organisations with a higher need for personal sales, the website needs to present information- and product images in a more elaborate way.

Prepare for a growing product catalogue

As Rölla is a growing business the website must be designed with this in mind. Despite having a smaller selection of products at the moment the website must be able to handle a large group of products and be easy manage for the website admin.


A third category “Products in store”

By dividing the website into three equal groups, “Compact tractors”, “Accessories” and “Products in store” there is a higher likelihood of capturing the interest of visitors interested in trying out a tractor before buying. As “products in store” can be any type of tractor, accessory and potentially other types of products in the future, this page has been prepared wtih filtration functionaity for easier browsing.

Sophisticated product displays

Increasing the quality feel on the website with the use of high quality images. Images have been taken on the grounds of Rölla or collected directly from the manufacturer. These images are used extensively on the website and combined with useful information about technical aspects as well as practicalities. Images are also combined with other third party images to create interesting compositions.

Grouped product pages

Product category pages implemented with the purpose of collecting products in one easily digestable view. For those categories with slightly more complexity, a filtration functionality was also added. These designs create room for Rölla to grow their product cataglogue without making navigation difficult for visitors.


Diagonal cuts

The brand identity included a new logo and a visual direction for the website. It is based on large diagonal cuts in sections, text (by applying curisive type) and in illustrations whenever they occur. The logo also expresses a diagonal but with the positioning of the two L:s in the logo. Further these two L:s hints of a tire pattern bringing the thoughts to heavy duty machines. Red in various tones was selected as the main brand colors as a result of it being the brand color for the main brand being offered by Rölla.

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