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For more than 70 years Tredo has been one of Swedens biggest sales partners for grocery brands wishing to enter swedish retailers. Lately they have been incorporating new digital tools for a smoother sales process and are hoping to do the same with a modernized website.

Core challenges of the brief:

  1. Establish a new flexible visual identity
  2. Elaborately describe Tredos long history
  3. Create a login for managers and the sales force
  4. Create a stand-alone news page (currently tied to Mynewsdesk)

Scandinavian Executive is a recruitment firm specialized at interim hires. With a new brand and website they are hoping to communicate effectively with their clients while also enable their network of interim consultants to easily apply for openings.

UX Design
UI Design
Brand identity design
Digital design
March 2022



The offering of SE is quite complex in terms of both involving competency areas and hiring formats - options that the client needs to be aware of and fully understand. This was identified as an obstacle for the hiring process which needs to be quick as clients often are in a hurry with low patience.


Further, the intermediary role of SE between clients and interim consultants has to be managed on one website. This also risk making the website unnecessarily complex to navigate.

Lacking insight

Lastly, interim consultants are currently unaware that SE employs interim consultants within Executive roles as well as Operational roles, causing fewer sign-ups to the network.


Redefined hierarchy

In order to reduce the complexity of the website the offering of SE was simplified by utilizing a waterfall method. This means that competency areas is at the top of the content hierarchy across the website and hiring formats only presented once an area of interest has been chosen.

Raised awareness

It was identified that dual target groups of the website isn’t necessarily a negative thing. By clearly showing that interim clients are regularly recruited to the network it’s easier for clients to identify that SE has a high proficient network for their needs. The same results is achieve vice versa - interim clients get a sense of SEs ability to find them an interim job.

Redesigned display

Rather than brightly and excessively overcrowding the website by promoting both executive- and operational roles, it was decided to simply split the roles of each competency area into “Executive” and “Operational”. This makes it easy for interim hires to spot as soon as they start browsing roles - a timely and contextual solution.


User interface

The user interaface is minimal in style to create an experience where information can be easily digested. Images have been reduced to their bare essentials - in this case people, which are the core offering of SE - and font’s take on a bigger role to express the identity. This set-up also supports high responsiveness across platforms and formats.


A new brand identity was developed for SE. The architecture has been built around the concept of “timely flexibility”, which was identified as a core competency and characteristic of the organization. It is constructed visually in the shape of a “spring” that takes places in imagery, illustrations, infographics as well as in the symbol of SE. Various formats such as a presentation template and print materials were created using the new identity.

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