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JKAB Arkitekter

For more than 70 years Tredo has been one of Swedens biggest sales partners for grocery brands wishing to enter swedish retailers. Lately they have been incorporating new digital tools for a smoother sales process and are hoping to do the same with a modernized website.

Core challenges of the brief:

  1. Establish a new flexible visual identity
  2. Elaborately describe Tredos long history
  3. Create a login for managers and the sales force
  4. Create a stand-alone news page (currently tied to Mynewsdesk)

JKAB Arkitekter is an architecture firm offering solutions for both businesses and private clients. With a new website they are hoping to update their outdated website in line with their sophisticated aesthetic that can be see in their buildings as well as to showcase projects in an effective manner.

UX Design
UI Design
April 2021


Informational & visual approach

Since companies and governmental organisations are a big target group of JKAB Arkitecter it’s important that both an informational- as well as visual approach are used to convey important information. This due to the importance of practical matters for this target group when making decisions.

Exploratory user experience

The expectation when visiting an architecture firms website is to see impressive and engaging visuals in order to get inspired and confident about the firms aesthetical abilities. Thus is’s important with functionality that supports an exploratory user experience on the website.

Creative employees

It’s the ideas of the people at JKAB Arkitekter that matters and make effective buildings a reality. Therefore it is the people that potential clients ultimately want to understand and finally come in contact to discuss their opportunities.


In-depth contexts upfront

It was decided to front completed projects directly on the home page with an immediately ability to get in-depth information and see more images of the project. This way it’s possible for the highly practial clients to quickly get important contextual information that’s likely to influence their interest and decision-making.

Contextual showcasing and distinct visuals

Except for presenting projects elaborately in the hero area to support simple exploration, visitors have to select what type of projects they want to view before being presented with them. This way they will browse only amongst projects that are best likely to be inspirational. Further, to generate a distinct visual experience across the site a unique visual concept has built upon in order to meet visual expectations no matter what page visitors are on.

Personal staff page

The contact page was upgraded to include a background page for each employee where visitors can read more about how they work. All the projects of the employee are also showcased to further give an indication of what work the visitor can expect from the employee.


Encouraging discovery

The visual style is minimal to make room for large images with intricate looks. Colors follow the brand identity of JKAB Arkitekter and animations have been added both in places of micro interactions and larger transitions. Together all elements presents a pleasant experience at which visitors are enticed to discover more. The layout is built around a central positioning of texts in order to create the sense of balance, which is a crucial tool of the architect and in this way conveyed to visitors.


Webflow for easy client management

The website was built in Webflow for the reason that it’s slightly easier to make initial designs a reality on the live website. Not the least animations, which rather easily can be manipulated in the required way. This was important as the visual experience is key. Further a set of CMS lists were created for projects, staff, news and also the home page in order to allow for maximal customization. Another very big advantage of Webflow is the ability to offer clients easy day-to-day administration tools that allow them to maintain the website themselves - and important ability as JKAB Arkitekter often uploads new cases and news.

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